All services are governed by US law. There's some interesting things to note about this, however:

  1. GDPR and CCPA do not apply to this server.
  2. This server is big on free speech, and will allow anything that's legal, including things that aren't illegal by technicality.
  3. Actions taken in a video game are not to have real-life repercussions. Speech is a separate land from action, and we've accepted this in the west (or at least did a long time ago). Killing a person in a video game is not the same as killing a person in real life, but similarly actions taken in a video game have a permanence beyond simply hurt feelings, so they exist as a separate 3rd (and 4th since video game speech and action are also separate) land.
  4. Probably not wise to engage in pornographic art or speech in an insecure chat, but it's not a bannable offense unless children are present.
  5. Similarly, unless cleared first by me (because I'd have to adjust these respective services) children under the age of 18 (due to cross-state users, like Maarten, Pennsylvania's age of consent law is superceeded by US federal law) is to be using these services.
  6. Additional rules will be emplaced per-service to ensure continued operation of the server or peaceful co-habitation of users.
Keep in mind that always points to the same IP (with the exception of a certain subdomain related to email) and that all subdomains will thusly point to the same server. The subdomains are largely only interpreted by apache. For this reason, you can type in "" to connect to the minecraft server, "" will work just fine, and even "" if that's your thing. Just be aware that ssl certificates could not be established for a wildcard entry, so only certain subdomains will have them. When in doubt, for anything that isn't a link, just stick to "" to be safe.

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