Welcome to the Kcookie Control Panel. What are Kcookies? Frankly, they're a simple login cookie to be used sitewide on and all subdomains. By logging in, you accept the usage of cookies, and this also applies to other services. As of right now, not all services actually use Kcookies. Not all cookies use PAM, either, but Kcookies do, so if you have a PAM account, that's your login credentials. As of right now, changing your password is only possible via SSH. Finding a secure fix for this is on the todo list, but for the time being, use your SSH login for this. If you're worried about being tracked: have no fear, if you don't login no kcookie gets registered in your browser. These are only used to check access to restricted features. Keep in mind the logout button clears this cookie from the browser, but does not prevent hijacking. Use clear all if you suspect possible hijacking attempts.

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