I don't know what you want to know. I am Shane Tyler Yorks. The online alias was just the name of a common crew member in an old early-2000s video game, and the uniqueness allowed me to stick with it. I was born in October of 1989, I'm a self-taught programmer, and I am the owner of the site. If for contact, you have the options below.

Emailkohlrak@gmail.comSlow, only checked every few days, for business only.
EmailHIDDEN FROM BOTS, humans can guessChecked less frequently, but nearly unfiltered. Great for longer-form communication.
FacebookkohlrakFacebook's messenger is getting more and more cumbersome.
DiscordKohlrak#2331Only use it for voice chat and only because everyone else does.
Text/CallingHIDDEN, if you know me you might have itFiltered, unreliable, and relies on me actually hearing notification

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