No idea why anyone would want to know this, but it's a short story. I needed a new favicon.ico, and I didn't have much of an ideas. I understand the basics of flag symbology, so I decided i needed something simultaneously cat and owl oriented. Making something that respects copyright meant taking a random meowl image from google was not going to work. So i decided to violate the laws of flag making in order to make the cat part Kilrathi themed. Yes, drawing an owl as a Kilrathi would to fulfill both. Blue loyalty to a fish? Well, if you don't already know what that means, the history of the symbol suggests that it's best for me and those around me that you do not (and it goes with the spirit of the symbol).

One thing, though, is that it makes a killer logo on a space ship:

I know, I know, would look cooler from a darker location, but you get the idea and i didn't want to scour the game for a dark location when these were enough of a pain to take without a pre-existing save.

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