Welcome to Kohlrak Land Welcome to Kohlrak Land. This this the main page for a server running a few different services. Sorry for the sparseness of these pages: I've been setting up this thing for over a month now, almost entirely from scratch. I just want to be done to the point that I've cut some corners on the front end. The back end, however, is more stable since that's where all my effort has gone. Over time this should improve.

Obviously there's alot to be done yet, but this is finally good enough I can say that it's done and released. For PC users, the menu works the way you would expect. For Cellphone users, subcategories are accessible by tapping on the categories.

I'm sorry if I seem moody in the writing here, but that's because I absolutely am. This has been a project that should've taken only about a week and it's been over a month, and it's not been a joyful time (some developers made some basic things unnecessarily difficult in their configs, and one CB radio user got really annoying, and my neighbors aren't quiet), and the life has to pile it's crap on top. So this is the initial release of the site and it'll get cleaned up when I feel alot better, which will probably happen after I've actually had some time to use it like a normal user. If you feel down, give that kitten in the top left a tap or a click to feel better. Double-click to see where he comes from.

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