Valheim is a wonderful game by IronGate Studios. It's like mincraft, but with vikings and not blocky.

As you can see, not the prettiest game, especially if you have the graphics turned down on your laptop-toaster. First two are of my house in my private world, the rest are from the multiplayer server. So the rules are simple, for this server. Given how easy it is to go co-op without a dedicated server, it should be incredibly easy to behave.
  1. I'm not expecting really anyone more than Maarten, Kaylee, or I to want join this server, so this page is more of a placeholder incase that were to actually change.
  2. The PvE Etiquette is enforced.
  3. I understand it can sometimes be hard for new players to identify generated vs player buildings at first glance. Just look around for damage. If there's no damage, it's player owned almost certainly.
  4. Stay away from the northern and southern poles until their respective updates are released. If we don't approach, we don't have to regenerate the world.
  5. Access is restricted via whitelist: let me know if you want access.

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