I'm not going to say much on PalWorld, since it's constantly evolving.
  1. As per usual, the PvE Etiquette is enforced.
  2. At this point and time, the only thing you really can do is hog resources. If you've built a base atop a valuable resource node, be available to player requests for assistance when you're able, and if not able frequently, please move your base.
  3. Obviously, should the possibility come about, no damaging property or stealing other players' pals.
  4. Not a rule, but a piece of advice: as of right now it makes no sense to join a faction instead of creating your own. When in a faction, all pals and base resources are shared, which seems good at first, until you find yourself able to stand on your own two feet and can't separate yourself and get your own personal property back.
  5. Server is currently restricted. Let me know personally if you want access.

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