Oh minecraft, how we know thee and love thee. Of all the servers and services, I expect this one to be the one that causes me the most headaches. I want to open the thing up to people, but I still have to restrict access to keep the maintainance alone from becoming a full-time job of it's own. It's a wonderful game, and it's great multiplayer, but it's wide player-base coupled with it's unprecedented freedom creates in this game the potential for many, many unnecessary conflicts. That said, I want to open this up to a larger audience than other servers for a multitude of reasons.

Firstly, those wanting to join should be aware that there's a whitelist. To get on the whitelist (thus allowing entry), you're going to have to work with me. It's a little touchy, but I think I figured out the pattern. Java usernames are normal, while those connecting via bedrock (yep, both on the same server, more on that later) will have a "." in front of their name. Also, if you want to connect, you have to add a bot named "MushyHarmony846" as a friend in minecraft.


Next, you need to be aware what's on the server.
  1. BKCommonLib - This is a mod that doesn't do anything on it's own, but is used as support for MyWorlds.
  2. ebackup - This automatically backs up the entire server every single day that someone joins it.
  3. floodgate - This allows users whom connect via Geyser to use their bedrock accounts instead of having to buy the Java Edition.
  4. Hurricane (GeyserHacks) - This is meant to improve some of the incompatibilities caused by Geyser while taking certain risks.
  5. Geyser - This allows bedrock players to connect to Java Edition servers.
  6. MyWorlds - This is the crown jewel: it allows you to have multiple worlds running on a minecraft server.
  7. PurpleIRC - This creates a bridge between the minecraft in-game chat and my IRC server.
That's the extent of the mods for the time being. The idea is to keep minecraft mostly vanilla, while creating some Quality of Life changes. I'm considering one other mod right now to improve the class system of minecraft: every game where you can build your character and/or equipment has classes, and minecraft is no different. Mojang, unfortunately, hasn't actually figured this out yet and the classes are severely unbalanced as a result, favoring the archer class with tanks in close second and the mage is sorely lacking. This matters, even when not considering PvP. I'm considering adding a mod that allows you to stack potions to 16 (not 64) to try to offset this.

Update Policy: Current version is 1.20.6

Keep in mind, updates may not be as fast as minecraft puts them out. There's a good reason why this tends to happen to most servers (Yes, BergerKiller is the author of MyWorlds and BKCommonLib). Bedrock users may want to download this data pack and will surely want to read this page to understand what may be broken in addition to things they weren't expecting. Frankly, using this plugin allows you to connect, but things will not behave quite like how they do in bedrock.


There are multiple worlds. I failed at a consistent naming convention, however you can guess what version each world was generated on. When the world generation changes, a new portal is created and world pointing to it is named after the version. The reason for this is that minecraft generates chunks of the world based on the version you're playing when they're generated. Once generated, they are saved. When new biomes and structures are added, this changes the generator, but not the old data. So those new biomes won't generated unless you go far from where you were exploring already in that world, and if you've done a fair amount of exploring, well... Let's just say that due to how some things are, this usually means people start a new world with every version. Obviously this is a problem if you've poured your heart and soul into a world or even a build in a world. Therefore, it's server policy to keep version with MyWorlds, rather than hastily upgrading, that way if you can control your own minecraft version, you'll be able to play the newest content on the server without sacrificing your old world and builds. The world that everyone so far build their houses in is 1_18_2. The other worlds are explored in, but not much has been built in them other than simple FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) for lack of a better explanation. I personally recommend you do this as well, since this world will have the most support. There is already a nether travel network built to connect houses, and although it needs some updating (hanging signs would improve things immensely, and tunnels could be wider to accomodate animal transfer), it works well enough. Obviously, you'll want to build things a fair distance away from other peoples' properties, but you shouldn't need to go far as this server doesn't have many users. The 1.18.2 world:


This server is meant to allow people to play together as a whole, and/or to allow people to retain builds cross minecraft versions. By the time this page was even written, Jean (the ender dragon) was already slain in multiple worlds. There is no server-wide objective beyond cooperation and permanence of builds. Individual players will have their own objectives, motives, values, etc. There is likely to be a clash of values.


Unfortunately we need them. The tl;dr version would be that what is mine is mine, and what is yours is yours, and we should keep it that way. You should still read the long form at least once, though. Not every rule break is a bannable offense, but if I feel that someone's going to be a problem, I'm not handing out a 1-hour ban: I don't have the time or the patience to be your daddy.
  1. The PvE Etiquette was designed with minecraft at the fore in my mind, as such it will be enforced.
  2. If you wish for PvP, let me know and I'll create a world for the purpose of it.
  3. Try not to make a mess of things, especially around spawn areas or the builds of other players: people don't like walking into minecraft and seeing stuff like this, this, this, or this.
  4. Leave portal chicken be: he's been guarding that portal for a few years, now, IRL, and is more or less a portal mascot.
  5. Be considerate: if you're in trouble, don't suck mobs into player areas: head towards water (other than drowned and phantoms, the most mobs go slowly in water if at all, making deep water largely safe, and wiser than trying to quickly enter someone's house) and call for help.
  6. AFK farms: It's a thing, i do it, you do it, but try to be open with other players about it. Don't do an AFK farm in the most-recent world, whatever world that is, so that players can sleep. This is shouldn't be a problem in 1.18.2, because aside from some startup time, most players will have build a relatively territory in short order.
  7. Excessive mobs: If the TPS drops because you have too many chickens, they will be slaughtered. If you have an AFK farm that doesn't kill the mobs, your farm will need addressed. No farm should lag the server for everyone, because that's a HUGE problem.
  8. Redstone: Like with mobs, it shouldn't lag the server. If you know your circuit is intensive, keep clock cycles low. If minecraft is burning your circuit, then you need to reanalyze for sure.
  9. 2D art: Ok, some is really cool, but alot of times you see servers end up cluttered with it. If you want to do a large amount of 2d Pixel Art, let me know and I'll create a world for it.
  10. Dangerous mobs and building paths: You're working with lava or in the nether, please, please build a safety ditch and/or wall. And please talk with me before spawning a wither: they're a pain to clean up if you spawn them in a particularly dangerous area.


  1. Usually any emergency situation that breaks the rules only makes the problem worse for yourself, moderation aside. A shield and a boat and an ocean will take care of most mobs while exploring rather than trying to get in someone's house without letting a creeper in, especially if they have non-standard doors like Kaylee.
  2. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west: java players can use f3 to cheat, bedrock players can check whether they're positive on X and/or Z, but the sun and moon always follow the same path. Telling people to go left or right doesn't make sense if you don't know what direction they're facing.
  3. Don't bother asking for creative. Kaylee and I are the only ones that have that kind of permission and the big picture is to use it only to solve problems related to glitches and things like that. It devalues pretty much everything once abused.
  4. The messages that aren't private are mirrored on the #minecraft channel on IRC. Use that to get ahold of me and those who use it when we're not on.
  5. Not everything's been fully tested, especially anything from the bedrock side. Expect strange behavior.
  6. If you have an account on the bug tracker you can request access to the project for community builds.
  7. Glitches and such can be reported to the bug tracker in the "Minecraft Server" project and I can talk you through workarounds.
  8. Nether travel is faster than traveling in the overworld by similar means (elytras are faster in overworld than minecarts in nether, though).
  9. Nothing says "this is my property" like a flag. Make your own banner and plant it.

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